Pricing Plans - Remote Support 

Virtual Helpdesk

Get 1 months free by choosing Suburban Australia's annual plan

For People
Per Month
Up to 5 Remote Support requests to our Service Email for any technical requests for your home's network.
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  • Consultancy on your home's IT problems.  
  • Configuration advice for services in a home-lab environment.
  • Total Ticket Handling time a month - 1hr 15min
For Small-Business (Most Popular Plan)
Per Month
Up to 15 Remote Support requests and 4 calls to our team for any technical matter for your home or small-business network.
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  • Priority Response Time
  • Consultancy on your home or office network. 
  • Assistance with your technical problems. 
  • Network health check-ups.
  • 4 Pro Support Calls a month.
  • Total Ticket Handling time a month - 2hr 30mins
Look after us
Per Month
Up to Up to 60 Remote Support requests and 20 calls to our team for any technical matter for small to medium sized organisation.
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  • Priority Response Time.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • 24/7 - After Hours Number. 
  • Advanced Troubleshooting. 
  • Proactive Monitoring. 
  • Quarterly Reviews. 
  • Priority Scheduling. 
  • Extended Support Hours. 
  • Access to Premium Resources. 
  • Customized Solutions.
  • Total Ticket Handling time a month - 40 hrs.

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Margaret Williams

A reliable IT Helpdesk is the backbone of any organisation, ensuring smooth operations and quick resolutions ot technical issues. 

Margaret Williams
Margaret Williams
NDIS Provider
Tamzyn French

With an effective IT Helpdesk in place, technology becomes an asset, not a hindrance, enabling teams to achieve greater productivity and innovation. 

Tamzyn French
Tamzyn French
Grassroots Charity Founder
  • Pro Support Call – 15 mins.
  • Gold Support Call – Up to 60 mins a call.
  • Remote Support – May include use of email for providing advice and/or remote access depending on the support needs of the ticket as determined by Suburban Australia. * A standard Remote Support is counted as a ticket requiring about 15-minute’s of support. So, if a single ticket takes 1-hour to resolve, this is the equivalent of what is considered as 4 x Tickets.  
Leadership Team
Leadership Team

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